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Wild Waters, Wild Woman. Solid Roots.

September 15, 2016 2 Comments

Wild Waters, Wild Woman. Solid Roots.

Watching the bay's waters flow..... waves crash.... They give and they take.

Wild woman offering release, wisdom, magic.

Last night I sat by the waters with a dear soul, a dear wild woman.

washing carrots, washing the day away.

These waters. These women.

So blessed.

Screech owl came to visit.

Wild Woman Medicine.

Clairvoyance. Wisdom. Magic.

How did she know what I needed?

What my soul was crying our for in the silence of my everyday.

Nights in this magical space give way for healing and creating.

This is what I offer:








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April 13, 2017

Gorgeous new work!!! So glad you have time and the spiritual space to connect with the Earth, with a wild soulful friend and with the owl… <3 xoxo my darling soul sister!

Dawn Walsh
Dawn Walsh

April 13, 2017

Oh Naiomi. Your words brought me strength and your work continues to fill my heart. I often wear the pendant you worked for me, when I need grounding! Namaste.

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