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“Your connection to nature's beauty always comes across in your work Naomi. It has a pureness that is unspoken, but artfully shown through shaped metals and enchanting stones. I always wear your pieces of handcrafted jewelry because they speak me and make me feel amazing.” 

- Christine Hailstone


“I will always remember opal wing creations as the catalyst for my love of handcrafted jewelry. Rarely do I go anywhere without at least one of her pieces around my neck or fingers. Each piece I have purchased has a special place in my heart because they are all so unique and ethereal and when I saw them they spoke to me. Naomi is always so warm each time I see her on our yearly visits at fair November. I look forward to each and every visit and I cannot wait to see which stones speak to me next! Thank you so much for your beautiful work”

- Rachael Loree


“I have been searching for many years for an artisanal jeweler who could craft pieces that truly encapsulated the beauty and flow of the natural world. I knew the moment I saw Naomi's jewelry that she had done it. Her jewelry beautifully captures the majesty of nature! I love collecting Opal Wing pieces and look ever forward to seeing what Naomi will create next”.

- Candice Newmaster


“Naomi creates art from her heart. She has the talent to not only listen to her client's wishes, but to also listen to her inner voice when she creates a unique piece of jewellery. She somehow captures the spirit of the stones she works with while honoring the vision of her client. When the original opal in my engagement ring was damaged beyond repair, I took my ring to Naomi and found the perfect opal. It was a beautiful moment when I found the right stone. I knew it instantly as I fell under it's charm. Naomi creates jewellery with a spark of elvin magic and hearty dose of love. She knows her stuff. If you get the chance, do yourself a favor and slip away to her workshop in the woods.”

- Corrine McGowan


“Your creations have been essential to me since my husband gave me the first ring about 10 years ago. From you dear Naomi, I learned that it was alright, even necessary and enriching, to adorn ones self in a meaningful way! There is not a single day when I am without one or more of your creations on me.  What I chose each day uplifts, empowers, calms, centers, brings joy.  The energy of each creation seems to resonate so truly and deeply with me that I always feel more aligned with the energy of creation and with the energy of my own spirit and its place in this grand cosmos.”

- Angela Gurlesky


"I so love the energy, care, and spirit that goes into your work."

- Lynn Feasey


“Thanks for making our day so special!! I am so glad our paths have met. I feel a special connection each time we meet. I love your journey of life and following your dream. I wish you all the best in life - your Mom must be so proud of you. Thanks again for the awesome job you did on our rings.”

- Janet McKune


“There are no words for this necklace!! The opal is stunning, the light plays so finely in it, encouraging you to look deeper into it. You relax into the branches that so delicately hold the opal! It is very calming and really makes me feel relaxed with it's vibrant, shimmering but ...GENTLE... blue light. Everyone should have a piece by this artist! incredible!” 

- Ashley Ruiz,  Washington State, USA


“If I had just one word to choose to describe your work, it would be breathtaking.I've wanted a black opal for a very long time.  Over the years I saw a few pieces that were pretty, but there was no soul to them. I am immensely pleased with the pieces- they are true treasures!  I looked long and hard at lots of jewelry before I focused on your work.  What I learned over the course of my search was that anybody can put a beautiful stone in a bezel, but it takes someone with much greater skill and talent to take the time to really see what the stone needs in order for it's truth to remain intact. Thank you for sharing your work with me.”

- Lori Moum, North Carolina, USA


“Your pieces are ALIVE! I have to give thanks to the amazing beauty who created them - such stunning art, which sparkles with love and mystical secrets that I feel so honored to hear.  Thank you so much, Naomi, for your generosity and for bringing such exquisite beauty and love into the world!!!   The first piece I opened was Enchanted Night, which was even more beautiful in person!!!  In fact, everything was!!! But this pendant just radiated love and made me feel instantly happy!  And the opal in it is so fantastically serene!  Holding it in my hand, I knew it had found its home!”

- Rita Chin, Massachusetts, USA


“Naomi was a lovely person to deal with and always strived to offer the best service that she could. Naomi's work is beautiful and I would note that the images used on Etsy are a very true reflection of the quality item you will receive if you invest in one of her pieces of work; Truly artwork to be worn and full of character. A very happy customer from England.”

- Tom Cheek, UK 


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