Meet Naomi


“There is a place inside of me where I find the courage to truly belong.” ~ Naomi Assenheim

 I have loved opals since I can remember…. To me, they are somehow reflective of who I am. Opals are full of fire, colour and uncertainty. They are one of the softest stones in the world, yet opals demonstrate some of the deepest and strongest array of colour and depth. Being a mama of two wild and wonderful children, life is busy and working with stones keeps me grounded and fully present for all that I need to be in this life. Those who know me well will say I am a sensitive, creative, wild and intensely passionate person. I have so much to share, and Jewellery is the perfect outlet for me to do this.

    Adorn from the heart.    

I have been creating Jewellery since 1994. Inspired from years of adventure, travel and self-exploration Opal Wing Creations was birthed in 2004.

I love the way in which Jewellery can express our inner-most landscapes. It allows us to tell our stories without saying a word.

The Jewellery we wear, tells a story of who you are, where you come from and what’s important to you.

The reflective and commemorative nature of how we adorn ourselves and how this can add value, meaning and purpose to our lives fascinates and inspires me.


One of my most precious childhood memories is sitting on my parent’s bed and exploring my mother’s jewellery box with her. Each piece told a story, and each story helped me understand where I came from and what I was a part of.

It made me feel like my life had intrinsic meaning and purpose.

One of my favourite things about making jewellery is the connection that happens through creating something that speaks to another on such a deep and meaningful level. What I make is more than Jewellery, it’s all our stories and connections…. It’s my story, and yours. The gems and materials that I use are all a reflection of the love and magic on this earth. I feel honoured to be a part of this, and want you to know that you have a place in all of this. All the beauty and love that you may see in my pieces are simply a reflection of you.


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