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Turquoise Waters of the Bay

July 06, 2017

Turquoise Waters of the Bay

Summer is Here!
What does your summer look like?
Although summer is the start of a very busy season for us, this year I vowed to get outside camping more!
Its been almost three years since we moved up to Georgian Bay and there is so much exploring yet to be done.... If only we had all the time in the world !!!
This year, we decided to go camping in Cyprus lake to kick off the summer. The one thing that I can never get over, is the incredible turquoise colours of Georgian Bay.... I find it so invigorating and refreshing...
This Colour has seeped deep into my Heart and Soul. I remember even as a teenager, coming up to the bay whenever I could, just to sit on this rocky shore and find peace.
I Love how always, no matter whether it is conscious or not, my experiences always seem to manifest within my work.
Speaking of Work, Well there is so much NEWS I don't even know where to begin.....
Well, I guess I will start by sharing the BIG NEWS that we just launched our new website!!! Please check it out and give it some LOVE!!!
Let me know what you think!! This has been a process that began years ago... So much love, thought time and skill has gone into it.
You May also notice a change in my branding... I have been working super hard over the spring to fine tune and settle into the NEW Opal Wing Jewellery...
This is our NEW LOGO!
Next in the News is that we are also kicking off the summer with out first Music Festival this Weekend!! Come and Find us as the Mariposa Folk Festival this weekend! We are super excited and have so much new work to show for it!
Here are some Little Loves that I have been working on in the Woodland Studio... Let me know if any of these speak to you, they can fly home anywhere!
I leave with these beauties and will look forward to connecting with you soon, whether it be in person or in the our sweet cyber community...

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