What is your OPAL WING STORY!!

October 28, 2010 1 Comment


Over the years I have been moved to tears by your e-mails and stories of how my jewellery has made you feel,

and touched a part of your soul….

I wanted to share with all of you how much of an honor it has been to be part of your lives in such a meaningful way. As an artist with heart and soul, these stories keep me going and inspire me in so many ways.

You have my love and gratitude.


For the Month of November I am launching a story contest:

Between the dates of November 1st-30th


whatever it may be… Stories on-line can be sent to: naomi@opalwingcreations.com

Snail mail entries can be sent to:

Opal Wing Creations

The Williams Mill

515 Main Street,

Glen Williams, ON



There will be 4 Prizes:

1st Prize - $100 Gift Certificate

2nd Prize - $50 Gift Certificate

3rd Prize - $25 Gift Certificate

All to be used in the studio, or etsy shop

The 4th Prize will be a people’s choice award. The winner will receive an Opal Wing gift basket filled with my favorite treats including a crystal and card.


To be objective and fair, a dear friend and colleague, Chantal Garneau www.chantalgarneau.com will be reading all submissions and choosing the top three stories. Stories will be chosen based on how my jewellery has moved and touched your heart and soul.

Please notify me if you would like to keep your entry private or anonymous, as the submissions will be posted on the blog.


This is how the People’s choice award will work. Once all submissions are in on December 1st, I will post them all numbered and anonymously on the blog and you will have 5 days to vote for your favorite story.

You can do this by commenting on the blog, on facebook, or by sending an e-mail.

Once the results are in, we will tally up the votes and announce who the winner is on Monday December the 6th, along with all the other winners.

Whichever way you send your entry, please let me know how you would like to be contacted if you win ie. e-mail, phone etc….


Well dear ones, this is it, I hope you are all enjoying yourselves and wish you all the love and happiness in the world.

Sweet Dreams, I just had to share these photos.... It has been a cuddle up and snuggle week here...

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April 13, 2017

What a wonderful idea Naomi!! So excited to be able to share my Opal Wing stories with you!

Your pieces are not only works of art, but something much more- have been life-changing wearable reminders of my precious blessings.

Can’t wait to get started writing…

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