Welcome fall and deep reflection

September 22, 2012 1 Comment

Well, I made a promise... and a promise is a promise... so here I am,

late in the eve, tired and sore from show fever... but never the less, I felt like a wee visit...

I want to dedicate this post to all mothers, creators, visionaries and all those goddess souls that sometimes feel the yearning...

Some days I Giggle, some days I laugh uncontrollably, others, I feel lost,  I cry...

Either in awe of the beauty I see in my little girl, or in an overwhelming plea for peace and solitude...

I feel as though my world is sooo far from simple and balanced at times...

the days change faster than I can grasp, and every moment brings a new sensation and emotion...

I just put Fern to bed, she fights it like a wild animal from being captured....

she is a wild one, a pure soul... perfect...in an imperfect world.

I sometimes feel so withered and destroyed by the daily tasks in my world, and I don't mean this in a totally negative way, I mean this in a  busy and tired way...

The way that doubts, fears and exhaustion can sometimes get the better of us... and in that experience we become stronger and wiser.... we learn and we grow...

A Reminder.

Trusting is what it is all about... every experience is a means to something else, something better... I heard a wonderful quote on the CBC this week, quoting Marylin Monroe

" Some Good things need to fall apart, so better things can fall together"

Isn't that well said?

A good reminder that the universe truly does have a plan, and all the thinking and analyzing and controlling in the world cannot stop it... sure we can postpone the inevitable, but we can't run away from it...

The truth exists within our core, within our essence... we just have to sit quiet enough for long enough to listen and hear.

My goal this week is to stop talking.... and listen for a while...

I want to hear your stories, your experiences, your journey.

I can sometimes get sooo caught up in those mundane insignificant things that I fail to see the little beautiful things that life puts right in front of me, on a daily basis...

beautiful souls unrealized, wise words unspoken, wisdom caught in a web of fast motion...

So these are OFFICIALLY my choices.... my daily intentions:

I choose to slow down

I choose love

I choose to enjoy the small things in life

I choose to trust

I choose to honor myself

I choose to spend my time appreciating my gifts

I choose to see the beauty in everything

I choose gratitude

After all

The Joy far surpasses the exhaustion, the pain and the loss of control.

What do you choose?


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April 13, 2017

Being a mother is topsy turvy and amazing all at the same time. It’s a wild ride, that is for sure. I love the peaceful and joyful life intention you had set forth in this post… <3 love ya!

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