The Woodland Revolution!

April 02, 2010 1 Comment

Good morning!! Wow, it's been such a busy week.... I'm not sure about you guys, but has time been moving faster??? The fashion show was a success, and we enjoyed a whopping 20 degrees yesterday!!! And today, is an estimated 25 degrees, maybe we can raft the credit river!!! Well, as mentioned, I have been very busy finishing orders and creating some new little masterpieces. I am preparing for a journey to Costa Rica is about a week... There I will refresh, relax and rejuvenate... I will be doing a two-week Juice Fasting/Yoga retreat, so I am bound to come back my purest in the essence of spring and new beginnings!! Below, I am offering you three wondrous pieces, pieces with depth, heart and soul, I cherish them, and all their magic.... I cherish my ability to create them and best of all I cherish all of you!! These pieces are part of my woodland revolution, they are inspired by trees, branches, gnarly, exposed and raw from the winter, and fresh growth, new buds and blossoms... all part of life's cycles.... If any of these pieces need to follow you home, please just drop a line, they will most likely hit the Etsy shop on Monday! Have a beautiful day and Enjoy! xoNaomi

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April 13, 2017

have a wonderful and replenishing retreat…

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