Thankyou Shelter Valley Folk Fest - I do love you all!!!

September 06, 2010 1 Comment

Dearest ALL: THANK YOU for all your support and dedicated hard work

thankyou for checking on the weather..

warning us.

Closing the village and resetting it back up again.

Your hard work did not go unnoticed!

I apologize to all those lovely folk folks who came to support and found us gone.

After an INTENSE weekend of gail force winds, rain, drippy noses and ice cold fingers, I am home, and I don't plan on going anywhere.

Sometimes you have to draw the line, as most of you know, I am not usually the one to draw the line.. but this weekend I had to...

Wetness, cold to the bone, wet jewellery and paper... I just couldn't.

For those of you who stumble upon this page and missed us at the festival, please do visit.. come to the studio, come to the shop online, e-mail me, let me know what you saw... what did you love?

Time and time again, I have learnt to trust and listen to that inner voice that seems so loud inside of me at times, and the minute I act, I step back in fear, wondering whether I have done the right thing? regret? what if? should I have?

Well, this experience is just a re- affirmation that I am true to that inner voice... even if it means disappointing you. Even if it means disappointing others, I need to be true to myself. I need to heed the call of this inner voice. Always.

So I am grateful to those who understood and told me to go home. Who could see the fire in my eyes when I said enough is enough. When I said I am done, when I packed up my jewels and headed for some warmth.

So what I plan to do is this:

I plan to list some great new work which was meant for you all, I plan to offer it to you, humble hands, now warmed by a fire, and hot chocolate, by a warm breakfast of eggs and raw onion bread.

Please visit my etsy shop later this week.... some new gems, some windswept trees, some harvest moon rings and some enchanted trees....

The rain is still falling and I love it. make no mistakes, I love extreme weather, just not when I am set up outside with the pieces of my hard work, my little precious gems, my pieces created with blood, sweat and tears... little manifestations of a labour of love, of a life fired with passion, recklessness and abandoned logic, fueled with a magic deep inside, by life experience, touched by light and engineered to touch your beautiful souls. All of you.

That is what I have to offer, do with it what you will.

Thankyou all. I am truly grateful.

Thankyou for understanding and thankyou for your love. It keeps me going.


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April 13, 2017

I absolutely cannot wait to see all the new works of art!! : ) looking forward to checking them out on etsy!! :D each of your peices tells such a story…

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