Spider Webs, Dew Drops and Moss

September 08, 2016 2 Comments

Spider Webs, Dew Drops and Moss

Dearests  Sweet Souls:

I am trying to get online more. Somehow It's not happening.

Basking in the quiet moments outside fills my soul. Time with children, time in nature. Green Moss, Bathing in Spider webs as I walk along the trails.



Filling my cup.... A cup that feels almost emptied everyday.

Gratitude is a fine science, one must stay focused and determined to stay with it. Always, letting it be part of every moment.

Some days its easy, some days it's not.

I am always Grateful.


I am still in my honeymoon phase up here in Georgian Bay. I revel in the beauty of where I live daily. I am getting used to finding bear scat and tracks on my daily walks. The Glistening of the blue waters on the bay brighten my soul no matter what.

The escarpment blows my mind. Just the other day I found coral fossils in my garden. My garden which used to be the bottom of an ancient ocean, full of wild and wonderful creatures.... What!!?


Like I said. Blows my mind.

SO many words, so many dreams... If I could only share them all.

The Summer has been busy. Markets and Festivals and Fun.

Fresh food, Music, Bonfires and lots of sand between my toes.

I have lots of new work slowly working into being.... For those of you we had the honour of connecting with this summer, It was soooooo good to see you.

Thank you all for supporting our wild ventures and creations. Thank you for supporting a vision and a lifestyle that was dreamt and manifested decades ago.

For those who I get to connect with online, I wish I could give you a REAL hug.  I feel our connections. I feel your love and your soul shining through. That is one the most wondrous things about the internet... It is somehow possible to feel emotion and soul connections through the words typed. Love travels and is felt even through wires!

I have lots of news and events for this fall. My long lasting silences are moments of manifestation and creations that you will all soon understand!

For now, I want to share some my favourites from the summer...

Soul soothing beauties. Created for you.





Have a Beautiful Day!


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Heather Tretiak
Heather Tretiak

April 13, 2017

Your words have me in tears Naomi! I would find it hard to go online if I had that paradise to walk through every day. I’m so glad we did see each other at Summerfolk. I and many others love my Merlinite!

Heather ?

Barbara Dametto
Barbara Dametto

April 13, 2017

Hi Naomi It’s Eva here from grail springs. Thanks for sharing! I have s new email: Barbarajdametto@gmail.com Call me if you can as I have news to share with you: 613 334-5459 Take care.

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