Slow Emergence

April 25, 2014 3 Comments

Where to Start....

It's been a wild few months. Wild in a good way.... so much change... so much life....

I am really trying to slow things down. Keep a real pace.

Mexico was amazing. 

We worked very hard and finished our little cabana....

Our trip was sun kissed and blessed with wild dolphins, full moons and wild gardens...

We laboured... we loved.... We planted and we slept....

Owls hooting, parrots chirping...

Daydreams swinging in hammocks and waves crashing.

I sometimes wonder why we don't live here full time.













It has taken almost a month to"get home"

The winter weather greeted us with open arms....

I went into hiding.

But I am slowly emerging.... Slowly opening my doors and getting back into creating...

It seems so important to let such a sacred time to sink in... to fill the cracks and crevices of my soul,  Allowing the deep slow process of this warmth to seep into my heart and fill it until it overflows and I can share and beam out my inner light.

SO my friends, my sisters, my brothers....

I am back and I have missed you. 

I am so excited to transform these experiences into wearable pieces... stories and journeys..

I was greeted by soooo many stones... They all waited for me, eager to play with me upon my return...

I am just getting started... but here are 2 rings that sang themselves into being this week...



I can feel it from the depths.... so much to burst open... so much from these deeps roots...

I am honored to share.

Thank you for listening!!





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Susan J
Susan J

April 13, 2017

Dearest Naomi ~

Your shared memories of Mexico and lovely photographs greeted and soothed me on this fine Friday evening in my part of the world! What a paradise the three of you have been enjoying!

Fern is such a precious little dumping. Seeing her causes me to yearn for those early days with Evan. I especially feel those tugs at my heart as he prepares for his final year of high school.

I have thought of you often these long winter months. I know the slow, gradual process of transitioning from where you have been to where you now are. Take care to hold tightly to those treasured days in the sun, my friend. I know you will be weaving your magic into each new piece you create, and I look forward to sharing in the journey with you!


April 13, 2017

What a beautiful place of Spirit you are in!! Thank you for sharing, always lovely to see your gorgeous soul on here. Your new work is Divine, so fresh and connecting. love you dear lady!


April 13, 2017

As always, I am touched and trembling at the intensity of your spirit.Still loving, and wearing my special Tree of Life. HUGS to Fern…..

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