Living in Spirit with Trees

November 16, 2012 1 Comment

Dearest Friends:

Living in spirit, living in the heart, doesn't always happen the way we visualize it.... We are all human, and we all wear many hats and masks throughout our days and lives...

It is important to realize that we are only human... we are not perfect, nor do we need to be...

The last few weeks for me have been challenging... I find it such a challenge to be a full time mama, artist and business person.... I often feel over run with things to do, small daily tasks, and if I do take time for myself, then I often play the guilt game, where I feel like I should be doing something else, like a load of laundry, or playing with my daughter...

What I am slowly but surely realizing, is that I can't do it all, and there is no point in  running myself ragged trying...

Above and beyond all this, my greatest challenge is to stay connected with heart and spirit, in this daily race against the clock... but that's just it.... its not a race...

Living in heart and spirit although challenging all the time is possible... the universe always offers us little signs, messages, little pearls that are formed amongst the dirt and grind of daily life...

It's important to know they are always there for you... even if you can't see them at the time.

Today I spend the day in Toronto for the first time in years... It was invigorating and exciting and a little scary as well.. I hadn't realized how much of a country girl I have become..

I met a lovely soulful man from Tibet who shared stories of his past and stories of his country... he taught me how precious having family close by is, and how precious every moment in our lives really are.

Now I could go on forever about this, and as usual I have so much to share, I end up dancing around so many things that I get lost in the mumble of it all...

Life is just so overwhelming sometimes isn't it?

Another gift that I have realized that I have in my daily life are Trees.

Trees sweet Trees.

What would we do without them? SO beautiful and strong, such wise teachers...

So gracious, so beautiful, so life giving... so alive.


They are always there for us.

I am going to dedicate this post to Trees...

I love you.

Thank you for giving us oxygen, shelter and serenity, fruit, leaves to jump in and great wisdom.

You are my greatest inspiration, you are my greatest teacher.

I will be still

I will blow with the wind

I will learn to stand strong, together.

I will stay rooted, but reach for the stars.

I will shed my leaves, stand in humility, bearing my soul.

I will listen.

[caption id="attachment_1004" align="aligncenter" width="500"] In honor of trees...[/caption]

Coming soon to the Etsy Store.


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April 13, 2017

Hi darling~ I wrote you a message via Etsy about these lovely tree rings…. <3 So good to hear from you… you always bring a breath of fresh air. I know life is sometimes challenging… but slowing down… embracing… all these things bring us back to Life. And taking time for YOU is very important…<3 xoxo

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