I LOVE stinking plume agate!!!

February 26, 2010 1 Comment

Happy Thursday!! Yes, I know you are all wondering what the heck is stinking plume agate... but first I wanted to be very Canadian and discuss the amazing snow that we are receiving.... It is indeed a winter wonderland outside, and all I can say is Thank Goodness for that! I love white winters..... especially when the snow stays on tree branches, turning your yard into a winter wonderland!!! So, I am now going to introduce you to some of my favorite new pieces!!! I also have a lovely family of opal/Varisite stacked pieces for your viewing delight, and if you think one may need to journey towards you... then just drop me a line!!!  Otherwise you will find whatever pieces are still with me at my ETSY shop on Sunday or Monday... without further a due, I bring you (drum roll) . "Suspended" with black opal and stinking plume agate.... quite amazing if you ask me!!! [caption id="attachment_315" align="alignleft" width="400" caption=""Suspended" with black opal and stinking plume agate $425"][/caption] "Stacked" series with variscite and opal $385
"Off the Vine" with opal and varisite and moonstone $395
"Expansion" with Black opal $425
"Deep Embrace" with labradorite $195
Have a beautiful night!!!xoxoxox

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April 13, 2017

Hi Naomi
First how are you, have you made the transition from Costa Rica to Canada yet?
OK I thought I knew what I wanted but seeing “Expansion” I LOVE THAT ONE TOO!!!!! Now I don’t know, so I am going to leave it up to you, what do you see me wearing and expresses “Transformation” for me? Please take your time, no rush, but I do want one of your fabulous creations. I love everything I see, you are amazing.

Lots of love

P.S. there have been some fabulous storms here, too bad you missed them, but I was thinking of you while watching

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