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Harvest Moon

September 09, 2010 1 Comment

Well Ladies and Gents,

I am pleased to report that some new work has just lit the pages in my etsy shop, so please go and check them out... they are quite stunning if I may say so myself!!!

Its that time of year again.... yes, change... I know...

It can be a difficult time, an un-easy feeling as summer comes to an end, and fall starts to offer its harvest moonlit evenings...

Be gentle, be kind... animals are scurrying about, we are experiencing heavyness..... you may be tired, a little low, that's alright.... my lesson for the week is that you can't be a bundle of joy all the time, there is balance and there is change and with that, things can come up, feelings can stir and emotions can rise...

I have had a very tumultuous few days, totally rejecting my mothers new condo... rejecting it as a home, as my home. I am grieving the loss of our family home. I am grieving the loss of a era, of a family life that once was and is no more.

Time will heal and that I know, but its getting through those dark days, the days were a little spill can lead to a bucket of tears...

On a positive note, I feel better, the work is coming strong... I seem to create my best work from these times. Deep work, deep reflection and connection... That's truly what life is all about.

Emiliano and I are off to Georgian Bay this weekend for a well deserved rest. We are celebrating out 4 year wedding anniversary and what better place than to celebrate it at a POWOW!! yes, we are going to do some beach combing, some sleeping, I am going to take a nice long bath in a claw foot bathtub at the B&B we are staying, and we are going to enjoy some ceremony and song.

Before I go, here is sneak peek at what you will find at the shop,

I hope you love them, they are full of spirit, they are full of grace... They are waiting for someone to take them home...

Sometimes I feel the same way, and then I realize, I am home. I always will be.

Have an amazing weekend, I am off to walk the beauty path.


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April 13, 2017

these new peices are incredible, I can really “feel” the emotions and thought coming from them. Change is tough isn’t it? It’s a great teacher, but it’s so hard while you’re in the midst of it. Sending you much love and hugs in my heart hugs

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