Foxes and Ferns of Spring

May 09, 2011 1 Comment

Dearest All:

So good to be back.... so great to hear from you all....

Spring is here and it is tantilizing my senses....

I have been walking, walking and walking...

The woods are my home, the song birds, the love calls, the pungeant scents....

I just want to nestle up and sleep on a nurse log, covered in a bed of moss and celebrate with the little beings of the forest...

Speaking of forest beings, I have a profound story to share with you all...

About a year ago I had an amazing encounter with a mama and baby fox, I was hiking up above the sandhills in Glen Williams, when just about to start sliding down them, I noticed a baby fox prancing down below.... then I saw the mama fox... I crouched down low watching in awe at these little creatures and before I knew it, I had mama fox right beside my head, peering down at me!!

We had a moment, a close eye contact moment and then I startled and so did she...

she ran off and I skipped down the hill, high as a kite that I just got sooooo close to such a great creature and enjoyed a moment of heart to heart connection...

I believe that all creatures are teachers and that everything comes to us for a reason.... so I started to do a little research, and the fox is a very powerful totem.... teacher of divine feminine energy, the fox can be a messenger of magic and wonder about to enter ones life... they represent the ability to shape shift and to camouflage, to morph and to deal with changing situations... Foxes are rarely seen by people because they come out in the "in between" times, dusk and dawn... while most of us are still cozy in our beds.

I wondered what all of this could mean in my life at the time and felt inspired to welcome this wonder and magic that was about to enter my life....

Months went by, and for me, there is always magic in my life, so I simply took all the wonderful experiences that came to me, as the teachings from this profound fox encounter...

Another thing I learnt from this experience is that time is infinite... we function within many different frameworks, and cycles, however, one never quite knows when a situation in life arises as we cannot always predict what is really in store for us, even when we receive predictions and messages.. I always seem to expect that if I see a certain animal, or have a momentary instinctual feeling about something it correlates to something to come sooner than later....


My message from the fox layed to rest for a while... a long while....

Until recently.

In the past 4 months, I have undergone more life changes than I have in the past 15 years!!

Death and Rebirth, the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another.

It wasn't until I was about 4 months pregnant, when I was falling asleep one night, gazing at a magnificent print of a mama and baby fox that I bought to remind me of that encounter, that I received the TRUE Message.

My baby.

New Life




Divine Feminine

That was it.... nearly a year later, it all made sense...

The story is not over yet...

SO last week, I was on my daily hike, in the same location, almost one year ago to the day,

I was coming around a curve in the woods, when I saw a bushy tail prancing ahead of me...

Guess who it was?

Mama Fox.

She stopped and stared, and so did I. We connected for about 35 minutes, gazing at eachother, with total curiosity.

I wondered whether she could hear my baby's heart beat whether she knew that I am now a mama as well... I started to speak to her.

I thanked her

I told her that I will soon be a real mama as well and that I was grateful that she allowed me to be with her again.

We pranced around and spent a good 40 minutes ducking and squatting, wondering what the other was doing.... I then walked closer and she danced away and closer until the sun was high enough for her to go back to her den.

I slid down the sand dunes in total affirmation and awe once again.

Life is such a journey and one never knows what lies ahead, but if we stay open to all connections that cross our paths, there are always signs and messages to help us to understand what lies ahead.

I am now more sure of this than ever.

I am in TOTAL Trust.

Total Gratitude


Total Love.

Thankyou for listening,

here are some forest photos, mama fox, nurse logs, springs glory and my favourite, fiddle heads and ferns.

Have a beautiful evening!!!


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April 13, 2017

What a true and honest moment you have had… I am so grateful and Happy for you <3 You are blessed by the universe and you take the time to notice it's blessings. I really like that about it. It guides us All to see the beauty and mystery around us….

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