Flying Across the Ocean

October 01, 2009 1 Comment

There's something so surreal about flying..... I just got back from a very quick trip to London England... Family matters... I'm not sure where I am exactly, or what time it is, however all I know is that I flew across the Atlantic ocean and back in three days...... how profound is that?? I always find that flying offers an instant reality check and reflection time.... being above the clouds can do that to anyone I think.... Anyways, I still feel although I am in the clouds... Tomorrow I will be at the Just for Us Wearable art show and sale... please check it out... www.just-for-us.biz I will have a good update for you all shortly... I have some new pretties, but you will have to come to the show to see them.... hee hee, well, if I can get to it, I may try to sneak a photo... otherwise, have yourselves a wonderful weekend, will be in touch!!!I promise!!! xoxoxNaomi

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Joseph Isaac
Joseph Isaac

April 13, 2017


This is Joe, the guy who loan you the movie ‘The Illusionist’.
I had some time and I did read your blog.
You got an unique personality you are very creative or looking for new adventures in my opinion. It is nice to meet people like you.
Good luck and happiness in life journey.


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