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Fly Off Little Ones

September 03, 2010 1 Comment

About three days a year,  about this time,

some lovely visitors arrive, they are the best guests...

Beautiful, magical, polite, clean and full of wisdom!

Some years, we miss them, some we don't.

This year, We had some good quality time together.

This year, they came in the hundreds,

Gracing us with their beauty

Touching those places in my soul that make me giggle.

Giving me hope

Giving me strength

Teaching me to fly, blowing with the wind

Teaching me of transformation and change

Of moving ahead

flittering about, carefree and FREE

We spent some time, and then

They were gone

They went south

they followed their destiny

Their long journey.

I cried and I rejoiced.

Fly home little ones, be free and safe

Photography by Ang Aue


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April 13, 2017

truly beautiful… they add to this world in so many ways….

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