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November 25, 2014 4 Comments

Dearest Snow Flakes, Yes, Winter is here..... and some would say that I am crazy with all that I am about to share.... I like to keep busy as most of you know... Although I am trying to connect to the "being" in human being instead of the "doing" that seems to be the norm these days.... especially at this time of year!

As usual I have so much to share, I will have to do it in a few posts.... I have some feasts for the eyes and soul this time....

And a personal legacy. I would like to share with you first and foremost my second greatest creation: BABY RIO We welcomed our son, baby Rio at home peacefully and full of LOVE on October 26th 2014

All I can really say is that it was an amazing empowering experience and he is pure magic and joy....


He is my bundle of LOVE


I am ready to share him with the world now. LOL

Before Rio was born, I managed to create many pieces of stone and crystal beauty which I will share with you next post, however I also wanted to share my favourite photographer who we have been working with professionally and personally for almost 10 years... Her work is outstanding.... as you can see above and below.

Christine Hailstone of Lifestone Photography

if you like what you see, you can call or e-mail her for a shoot!!! 647-270-6509  hailstonephoto@hotmail.com

She managed to catch a few glimpses of me in my pregnant glory just one week before Rio's birth...





A Father's love

Now As a mama of two, life doesn't look like this anymore..... I am in total LOVE, but I am also Exhausted... I seemed to have forgotten about late night nursing, or I should say nursing around the clock....

There is something completely satisfying about giving another life everything they can possibly need....

We humans are amazing creatures.

Fern is doing well, and loves her little brother....


This brings me to another piece of BIG news bringing some BIG change in our lives.....

We are moving!!!

Up North

In the Winter!

I did mention that I would sound CRAZY!!!

But in all honesty, we are so excited....

Meaford will be our new home. We will be living on the Escarpment, in the woods, steps from the turquoise waters of Georgian Bay..... A dream come true.


This will be our new home and eventually home of Opal Wing Creations....

I will be keeping the studio in Glen Williams for now, to ease transition, however the garage will slowly be renovated into my woodland studio.

The studio in Glen Williams will still in open, so please come by.... There are some LOVELY pieces created in this wonderful time of creative courage....

Change isn't always easy, and although everything looks just dreamy and pure magic (which it is)

there is much emotion, fear and work behind it all.... I mean who would post photos of a mama in the last phases of transition in labour???  So sharing the fruits of labour seems to be where its at in the meantime....

Stay tuned for some lovely pieces of labradorite, opal, variscite, ammonite and many beauty stone beauties....



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April 13, 2017

So thrilled for you all!! what a gorgeous harmony !!!


April 13, 2017

Blessings on you all! Dawn

Sherrie Charter
Sherrie Charter

April 13, 2017

Congratulations on everything!!!! :)

Good luck with the move….Mum will be so glad to have you close by again. Hope to see you both before and after the move!

Love and hugs to all four of you,


April 13, 2017

So excited for you and your family Naomi! I think it’s every artists dream to have a studio in the “woods”!, I know it’s mine, and the environment is perfect for your babes!

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