Bonjour! Parlez vous Anglais???

October 07, 2010 1 Comment

Bonne Journeé tout le monde!!!

So my French is officially coming back to me...well sort of...

here's a little story for you;

When I was a little girl, my mother spoke french to me, I was forced kicking and screaming through french immersion, and by the time I was a young adult, my french was alright.... depending on where I was....

Years went by, I lived in various french speaking communities including Montreal and northwest Africa, which still uses french as trade and market languages...

So here I am now, an official adult, and something has changed...

Since meeting and marrying my lovely Emiliano, I have been primarily speaking Spanish as my official second language... for the past few years any visit to a french speaking community has been a disgrace for someone with my history... I can barely mutter thank you without feeling like crawling into a turtle shell.

Sooooo long story short, this was a little experiment for me... I knew that I had traded in my French for Spanish, but why can't I just speak both? why can't my brain do that?

So here I am in France, in a wee little village surrounded by vineyards... one bakery, one bar, one store... oh yes, and one town office which I proceeded to enter in tears, lost and late for my silversmithing course one rainy afternoon with a pounding headache....

It can be very frustrating when one cannot communicate, let alone portray who you really are through a foreign language...

I am now feeling WAY better... more confident, and I am actually using french words that has been pulled from the depths of my brain.

At the end of the week we are off to Barcelona... now lets see if my brain can handle switching back.... hopefully, I have not stored my spanish in the same deep dark depths that my french was for soooo many years.

It has been a journey.... A lovely one indeed, full of ups and downs and figs and grapes...

I have walked through castles that survived the romans, walked through streets in town that barely survived ancient plagues... I have hammered my little heart and soul out on pieces of silver and copper... I tell you, this anti-clastic raising is difficult.... I sometimes feel like a BIG wimp, with my sore fingers and wrist.... My teacher just smiles and tells me that I will be stronger tomorrow... isn't that a fact!!

here's some shots of where I've been what I've been hammering away on...and hammering and hammering.....

miss you all!!

A bientot!!


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April 13, 2017

this is a tremendously lovely set of photos! : ) what an amazing experience!! : ) I’m so happy for you…. thanks for keeping us posted!! I feel like a little peice of me got to go to France as well then!

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