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Alas the Lotus Vessel Fire Opal Goddess RIng

October 26, 2012 1 Comment

Hello Dearests...

My apologies, I have left it a while again.... but here I am, in the wee hours of the evening, although I know I am supposed to be sleeping because my dear Fern is sleeping, but I have had such an exciting week that I just had to share some new beauties with you...

I have experienced a divine flood of creative flow in the last few weeks and am sooo excited about some of the pieces that I am working on... I am actually having a hard time sleeping, and not because of the baby for once!!!

Fern's 1st birthday has passed us by, but I will be sure to share some photos from the exciting baby event!!!

Anyways, I am going to stay focused for now... Here are the new beauties, some are already in the etsy shop and some will be accompanying me to the Weekend in the Woods event happening this weekend at the Hockley Valley Resort.... Please drop me a line and let me know what you think!!!




ImageAn Incredible piece of Mexican Fire Opal with Rutile


A beautiful big and bold Yowah Opal ring...already in the etsy shop!!


Something different.... Charoite, BIG, BOLD and Beautiful!!!


Rainbow Moonstone Delight!!!


Some more elvin flow with a stunning Yowah Opal!!


Ammonite Creation elvin flow...


A truly unique natural piece of Ammolite in my signature off the branch design


And the Grand Finale, Black Birds are back, with a stunning Picasso stone!!

Hope to hear from you all soon!!


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April 13, 2017

Ohhhh lovely blackbirds are back!! :)

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