A Warm Welcome to the Cool Crisp Full Moon

November 25, 2015 1 Comment

A Warm Welcome to the Cool Crisp Full Moon

I don't know about you, but I for one am super excited to have some snow up here.

I know, she's crazy right?

But if you could transport yourself up here to our lovely forested home, you would understand.

There is something so peaceful and calming about snow... especially when your nights are lit and glistening by the light of a full moon.

I feel like I've moved through so much the last few weeks....

I find peace in the surrender of cooler weather and the unknown.

Last weekend at Fair November was wonderful. It was so lovely to see you all and to send some of you home with some new beauties....

I have to share that these connections bring me such joy and overwhelming feelings of love, support and deep heart trust.

In Gratitude for all who have heeded the call.... Thank you for the time to pause long enough to see.... really see and feel what Opal Wing Creations is truly all about.

I will be back in Georgetown this weekend for my last offerings before the Holiday, so please come and say hello....

Perhaps I have something that will speak to you :)

I will be in the Main Gallery at the Williams this Friday 6-9pm, November 27th Alongside my lovely offerings for the Holiday Season..


At Fire and Ice's Annual Open House on Sunday November 29th from 11-5 With some Magical New Pieces...


Here's a sneak peek:

IMG_5097 "Tranformation" with Cherry Creek Jasper, Dendritic Quartz and Green Tourmaline

IMG_5094 "Joyful Dance" with Labradorite

IMG_5102 "Tunnel Dive" with Merlinite

IMG_5103 "Winter Sparkle" with Natural Pyrite

IMG_5093 "Full Moon Dance" With Labradorite

IMG_5206 "Woven Rainbow" with Ammolite

Please feel free to e-mail me with any requests or interest...

These beauties are all available and ready to fly home to their destined homes :)

Feeling Blessed and am off to bask in the Moonlight

Sending LOVE


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April 13, 2017

I can feel the shift of joy and peace in your words here. I adore connecting with you and your art brings such comfort and Harmony to my daily life. Thank you for what you bring into the world !!

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