October 13, 2009

Greetings!! Wow, fall is such an wonderful and intense time!! October is always a special month for me, being my birthday month and being the opal month... I love it, but always forget about the intense emotions that come with it... I don't know about you guys, but I always get super emotional on my Birthday! I'm not sure if that has something to do with the revisiting of our birth,or the feeling that time is passing too fast.... It always gives me whiplash!! There is also a certain sadness that I find when I go and close up the garden after the first frost.... all my little groundcherries, never to ripen or be munched..... I found it hard to let go... Now its time to go within! In Order to stay on track and get inspired, I too have revisited my roots as Opal Wing Creations and created my first ever signature Opal Wing piece... this took only 5 years or growth and challenges for me to finally settle into myself and what I am meant to do in the world at this time.. Before I get to revealing... right!!! I need to explain to you all why I am "Opal Wing" creations... This goes deep into my being... into who I really am.... I am one with Opal Wings... I believe in fairies, I thrive on believing, hoping, imagining and dreaming....I am a travellor with Opalescent wings... I dance, flutter around, play, get wished around in the wind... These wings are strong and firey, as opals.... which are also my birthstone... This is my true universal being....These creations that I offer are little windows to this being.... they are representations of all my memories, experiences and dreams.... they come from deep within.... So, without further a dew, I will present this wonderful representative, a signature, a tool and a talisman... My Opal Wing signature piece!!!   [caption id="attachment_109" align="alignleft" width="480" caption="Opal Wing Signature piece"]Opal Wing Signature piece[/caption] securedownload-3                                       So there you have!! for those of you who have ever wondered where the name came from, I hope this helps!!! Blessings to you all!!! You are all amazing!!! ENJOYxoxox Naomi

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