Moving Through New Year and New Moon

December 31, 2013

To all my dear Friends and Family:

As this year comes to an end, its time to reflect and celebrate. The New moon is also awakening its renewed light....

Time to manifest.

New Year, New Moon.....

I sometimes feel overwhelmed with all that I have to share, and all that I have to do... I sometimes feel so overwhelmed with love and joy and pure gratitude that I don't know what to do with the emotions... 

I sometimes feel so lost and completely frozen with the state of our world.

And then I remember.


Connection to you, to myself, to humanity, to nature, the universe and every live being that has existed in the past, present and future.

I am inviting in total connection for 2014.

I feel some grand changes entering my world and I am welcoming them with an Open Heart.

That is the way. The only way.

From deep in my being, to yours:

May this year bring hope, community and love, blossoming into my heart so immensely the racket in my brain is silenced.....May this year bring peace, awareness, action.... That we may feel empowered to to embrace ourselves, each other like sisters and brothers. May we re-connect to all life, understanding how we are all part of a bigger picture, and each of us can make a difference based on our awareness, our choices and our actions. May we feel the depth of LOVE, PEACE and Beauty rolling through our souls, so effortlessly and loud that we simply cannot ignore it any longer....May we learn to let go, learn to embrace and learn to listen. Listen to the sweet silence within our souls resonating with each and every particle of this immaculate Planet and Universe we call our home.


Happy New Year!







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