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Extended Studio Hours this week!!!

December 21, 2010

Dearest Sugar Plums:

It's Christmas time and the spirit is strong. Tomorrow is the Solstice and a lunar eclipse, the moon was grand and wise tonight.... She feels strong..... promising.... time to manifest, dream and imagine....

Imagine your world the way you want it, your life full of the people and experiences you love.

Imagine the love, the peace, the happiness, the health...

It feels like the moon is here just to offer you what you ask for... so ask....

I will be taking some time off soon enough, but before then, I wanted to let you all know that I am offering extended studio hours  for the next four days (thanks to popular demand!!!!), this is great news, especially for those last minute shoppers... We are there for you.... the gems will be happy to follow you home!!

My darling Husband Emiliano has volunteered to open the studio for:

Tuesday December 21st from 12-5 and

Wednesday December 22nd from 12-5

I will be in the studio:

Thursday December 23rd and

Friday December 24th 12-6

This will be your last chance to come to the studio before 2011!!!

The studio will re-open Friday January 7th.


If I don't see you, I am wishing you:





Abundance and Inner Connection

It has been an Intense but fabulous year and next year will be even better!!

I can't believe how fast time has gone!

Thank you Thank you and Thank you again for your love and support... I am forever grateful and honored!!!

I will keep you posted with travel plans and winter wonderland experiences!!!

Much Love xo


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